• Fit to Be Tried

    Fit to Be Tried

    The rise of wearable fitness trackers in the courtroom. Read More

  • The Trouble With Compounds

    The Trouble With Compounds

    Do these specialty medications have a place in the workers’ compensation arena? Read More

  • Never Run Out of Time

    Never Run Out of Time

    Avoiding Treasury collections in injury-related cases. Read More

  • Limited Exposure

    Limited Exposure

    Making the most of the relationship with your excess carrier. Read More

  • A Helping Hand

    A Helping Hand

    When it comes to return-to-work strategies, a little creativity can go a long way. Read More

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    The Case Against a Cancer Presumption for Firefighters

    Thousands of people outside of firefighting get the same cancers as firefighters, but firefighters are getting a presumption. Does statutory...  read more

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    Mass Shooters and Workers' Compensation Claims

    A workplace shooting may be over quickly, but the long-term effect on workers’ compensation may last a lifetime.  read more

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    Medical Canvassing: 6 Things Every Claims Organization Should Know

    Savvy claims organizations are adopting medical canvassing programs to contain costs.  read more

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    Advocacy Expanded: Empirical Studies and Practical Solutions

    Shifting focus from the claims transaction to improving the employee's experience elevates the workers’ compensation system and claims profession as...  read more

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    June/July 2016: The Forum

    Our panel of experts answers the question, “Why is workers’ compensation fraud such a major problem?”  read more

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    Uncompromised Excellence

    New changes ahead for CLM's 21 committees as the switch begins toward communities.  read more

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    The Never-Ending Opioid Problem

    Finding balance between employee care and the complex cycle of opioid misuse and abuse.  read more

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    Connecting the Data Dots

    Data analytics have the potential to materially improve claims outcomes and improve workers’ compensation risks.  read more

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    The Other Shoe Drops on States’ Attempts to Opt Out of the System

    With the cost of care skyrocketing, some states are listening and allowing employers to opt out of their workers’ compensation systems.  read more

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    Diversity and Inclusion Are a Win-Win for the Claims Industry

    The practice of diversity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do, but also it is good for business.  read more

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