• Selecting the Best

    Selecting the Best

    Winning outcomes can hinge on your IME doctor decision. Read More

  • Two Sides of the Insurance Coin

    Two Sides of the Insurance Coin

    Why do providers charge differently in workers’ compensation and auto casualty markets? Read More

  • A Good Fit

    A Good Fit

    Structured settlements and MSA arrangements are complementary claims resolution tools. Read More

  • The Risk of Waiving

    The Risk of Waiving

    Understanding the impact of subrogation waivers on workers’ compensation policies. Read More

  • In the Downward-Dog House

    In the Downward-Dog House

    Yoga instructors spur the latest debate on worker classification. Read More

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    The Ethics of an Antidote

    Is naloxone simply a “get out of jail free” card that allows bad choices to continue?  read more

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    Positively Impacting Injured Workers

    Ten things claims professionals can do today to improve outcomes.  read more

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    New York’s Antiquated Scaffold Law Requires Vigilance

    What risk and claims managers need to know about one of the worst laws in the land for employers.  read more

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    Calling All Sherlocks

    Workers’ compensation fraud can be complex, but the steps needed to discover it are quite “elementary.”  read more

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    What’s Ahead?

    See what we think the year will hold for workers’ compensation.  read more

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    Redefining Retaliation

    How to modify post-injury drug testing and reporting policies as OSHA expands its reach  read more

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    Understanding the Effect of Experience Modifiers

    The correlation between the goals of lower premiums and subrogation recoveries directly affects a company’s bottom line.  read more

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    Reaching Out to Help

    How Kids’ Chance of America is educating the children of injured workers.  read more

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    Understanding Dependence, Tolerance, Misuse, Abuse, and Addiction for Better Outcomes

    The clear distinction between physical and psychological effects claimants demonstrate while taking opioid analgesics.  read more

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    Trends in Alternative Risk Financing

    A close look at the pros and cons of top program options.  read more

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